Los Al Facts. Because there are Los Al Liars

On March 12, 2014 I was walking through Costco and a Los Al resident saw me and said "Hey, JM is it true?" So, I asked "Is what true?" They replied, "The stuff on the website?"

What website? was my first question. letsfixlosal.com had been renamed to losalnews.com, and yes, if it was there is was true. But recently a bunch of anonymous people had started warrenkusumotomustgo.com and truth-letsfixlosal.com (where they ripped off the look and feel of the old letsfixlosal.com website and put all sorts of stolen content), and if it was there, well chances were that it was 100% lies and misinformation.

Well after a few moments I found out that they were talking about the websites that lie and misinform. Since multiple people in the past have posted comments with corrections to the lies on the warrenkusumotomustgo.com website, and the anonymous owners refuse to publish the comments and corrections, it was determined that attempting to contuinue to correct the lies on the warrenkusumotomustgo.com website that published the lies was a waste of time. So, rather than attempt to get the truth out (respond to their lies) on losalnews.com, I set up losalfacts.com to provide accurate information to counter the lies and misinformation published on warrenkusumotomustgo.com and truth-letsfixlosal.com.

The links below will provide people with the actual facts for all the varied lies that they tell and misinformation that they spread. When they actually put out money to publish those lies (like the old CPLA mailers), that will be disclosed at losalnews.com. The website lies and misinformation will be shredded here. Have fun.

Our MMA bout Mejia vs. Kusumoto whose costing us more??? (yes, that is the title. They clearly are thrid grader's as they don't know the difference between "who's" and "whose")

Los Al Traffic Commissioner Accepting Bribes! later retitled Los Al Traffic Commissioner On The Take!

Who is Dave Emerson? And Who Is Paying Him?

Three Los Al City Officials Support Compost Heap At JFTB!

BREAKING NEWS: Embattled Traffic Commissioner David Emerson Under Investigation for posing as a Real Estate Broker

Been following this local paper for years?


About this website.

As long as there are anonymous people willing to post lies and misinformation, this site will be here to set the record straight. There was no choice but to create this site since every attempt to correct the record in the comments section of warrenkusumotomustgo.com has been removed or not published. What about truth-letsfixlosal.com? Do you really think you will ever get anything even close to the truth from a site run by an anonymous owner that copied the look and feel of another website in order to confuse readers? Really? The way the site started was by violation of the copyright and stealing the intellectual property of others from the News-Enterprise, to Patch to OC Breeze. Not the most HONEST (or legal) way to start a website.

Our opinion, based on what we have seen thus far, is that the sites belong to CPLA (or the people that were behind CPLA). That includes Mr. Briggeman, Mr and Mrs Sylva and of course our favorite live-at-home Lisette Gabler (who I will actually give kudo's to for actually signing her name to her stuff, so at least there we know who it is and she is willing to stand behind it, no mater how wrong her facts may be). The sad part is that they (for the most part) hide behind anonymity while they trash people with lies, halftruths and fabricated victimhood.

Unlike the anonymous ownership and authorship of warenkusumotomustgo and truth-letsfixlosal this site is all about facts. This website is owned by JM Ivler. The domain is owned by JM Ivler. It is written by JM Ivler. If I make a mistake, I will correct it. If I say something I will stand behind it and provide evidence that I am right. I am not anonymous. I am not hiding. And I won't lie to you. That is the difference between warrenkusumotomustgo.com and their other anon websites and this site. I am willing to stand behind the statements I make and don't hide behind a cloak of anonymity. I don't run hate filled whisper campaigns filled with lies and half-truths. My goal is to ensure that you get the facts, not misinformation.

Why is this site so plain? It is written in straight HTML, no fancy content management package required. The goal here is to get information out to people, not to sell you some line of bull. Why no public comment area? Because to goal is to get out facts to offset the lies, not to enlist a discussion platform where they can lie some more.

We do hope that you will share this site on facebook, twitter and other social media. Please feel free to send the URL (www.losalfacts.com) to your friends in e-mail. And for the latest in Los Alamitos News and Events, please see losalnews.com.